Granite vs Quartz Counters

08/05/2013 09:57

While remodeling your kitchen, the most difficult decision to make would be selecting the material for the countertop. This is not just because it has to look beautiful, but because it needs to be sturdy and durable as well as the most functional space in your kitchen. Therefore, always make sure that you get the right stone for this area. Most of the times, the homeowners get quite confused between quartz and granite stones as both have all the qualities that a countertop needs. It can be a better of personal preferences on a number of occasions. However, if you don’t have any opinion about both, let us frame an opinion about the right countertop stone for you.

Granite countertops are generally more natural as compared to Quartz, which is crushed and engineered with resins that bind the whole chunk together. However, there are engineered granite varieties in the market available as well. But when it comes to the kitchen, we use the natural slab granite. The biggest advantage of using quartz is that it is not porous because of which it always has a shiny surface and you can clean it with only some mild cleaning detergent and a wipe. Granite needs something extra here as you would have to go on annual sealing drives. Moreover, quartz is available in many different colors but granite sticks to only the lighter earthy tones.

Granite, though a hard stone, does not provide as much durability as the quartz stone slab. You have to keep in mind that quartz contains 93% of crushed quartz and 7% of polymer resin and pigments of various colors. Therefore, they are not only easy to clean but also last longer with lesser maintenance. Granite is now also available in engineered varieties that are as durable and low maintenance as the quartz slabs. Moreover, there is always the light earthy tone in granite that home owners have loved ever since. Both of them add significant value to your home, just as installing vinyl siding does.

The overall verdict goes in favor of quartz. It is because the crystalline granite can also become a hub for germs as it has tiny spaces in its structure. Quartz doesn’t even leave space for germs or pathogens to develop on the surface because of which it is a better choice. Though the price of both the materials keeps changing with time, you will find Quartz to be a better investment. Moreover, as there is a huge variety to choose from and the durability is also good, Quartz comes out as a clean winner.